Monday, April 4, 2011

What Happens in Vegas ... Stays on this Site

Hey...who are you? Where the hell am I? What the fuck is my shirt covered in?

Sound familiar? Alot of us, some more than others, have had crazy and exciting experiences in Las Vegas. While the city itself is fabulous, flaunting literally hundreds of shows, restaurants, shopping experiences, hotels and more, it is always the unexpected and strange that really catch our attention. Drunken debauchery is almost a given, being one of the only cities that openly sells alcohol by the 100oz, and yet so much more. Tales of big wins against the odds, celebrities from television and movies, insane hobos, sports events, idiot tourists, and so much more!

We are looking to be an interactive site. We want YOUR stories so we can share them with world. Have you had an experience like "The Hangover"? Maybe something closer to "Bachelor's Party"? We want to hear about it!

Stories must be submitted either in the comment section below or by shooting us an e-mail at All personal information will be altered to protect the identity of the accused and the insane. Stories may take up to 24 hours to post. Not all stories will make it, but a damn lot of em will, so make sure to submit whatever blew you away from YOUR visit to Las Vegas!

*This site is created purely for comedic purposes. Stories are not verified for factual accuracy and may be works of fictional comedy. Personal information will be altered to protect those involved. This site is not owned or operated by either the State of Nevada, the city of Las Vegas, or any subsidiary or connected companies.*


  1. This sounds like an excellent idea. I'll be following to see how it goes

  2. Sounds nice, following and good luck

  3. looking forward to some sick stories coming soon. followed !

  4. I've always wanted to visit Vegas, if it wasn't so darn far away from Sweden :x

  5. great post great blog i like the artwork in the background keep it up!

  6. never been there but interested to hear peoples stories :)